We offer all the normal services you expect from an optometrist

  • Comprehensive eye and vision examination – for preschoolers, students, adolescents, and adults
  • Eyeglass and contact lens fittings
  • A wide variety of up-to-date frames

In addition, we specialize in

  • The unique vision needs of intensive computer users
  • Peripheral awareness training for performers and athletes
  • Vision therapy for correction of "lazy eye" and other conditions
  • Developmental eye health for children – beginning as young as two years

Some evaluations take longer than others, so please schedule appointments as recommended to take full advantage of our expertise. Expect that initial appointments will take at least an hour.

Community Outreach

We often speak to school groups to give parents, teachers, and administrators a quick course on what they are looking for in developmental vision problems. Vision goes way beyond being able to see the "black" board.

Corporate Seminars

We offer a range of seminars and consulting to corporate clients who have an interest in keeping their staffs healthy and productive. Computer use brings with it a whole range of self-health issues every employee should know about. Sometimes it’s a simple as wearing a different color! Sometimes a different pair of glasses. Often it’s simple and counter intuitive.

Please call our office – 617 244-6454 – to arrange a seminar or school talk.