Contact Lenses Update

These are not your Daddy’s contact lenses. New technologies and materials are making them more comfortable, easier to wear, available to more people, and less expensive.

What are the benefits? Contacts

  • Provide good vision without glasses
  • Are available in single-use; no cleaning and storage
  • Can be designed for specific activities
  • Widen the choices of non-prescription sunglasses, freeing your inner fashionista
  • Allow athletes to wear less expensive, non-prescription eye protection
  • Stay in alignment with your eyes
  • Don’t fog up when going from AC to warm air or the reverse
  • Solve many social and cosmetic problems

You can wear them even if you

  • Need bifocals
  • Have astigmatism
  • Have dry eyes
  • Need activity-specific lenses
  • Are a kid

Speaking of kids

  • No hard and fast rules about appropriate age, varies from kid to kid
  • Parents oversee compliance with basic hygiene
  • Part of every day should be “lens free”
  • Sports performance generally improves

Basic care

  • Most lenses are disposable after 2 to 4 weeks; we recommend that
  • Thorough cleaning and careful storage keeps infections down
  • They should be worn for 12 hours, maximum
  • Single-use lenses – One day; throw away