Help for the Computer Dependent

Ernest Loewenstein is the author of Total Computer Health and veteran of both the research and healthcare environments. He has spent years watching people squint, rub their eyes, massage the backs of their necks and their temples, move closer to their monitors or move away, raise their chair seats and lower them - all in an effort to find comfortable ways to spend hours and hours glued to their monitors. As you may have noticed, the monitor dilemma is not likely to go away soon.

In response, Dr. Loewenstein has also spent years helping people examine the way they use their vision; helping them adjust to looking comfortably both at a computer screen and away. The result? A number of unusually effective strategies that will change your visual and physical relationship with your workstation and may involve changing your eye wear.

It is this expertise he brings to your workplace. Working with Dr. Loewenstein is flexible and easy to arrange. He customizes his work to your needs. He will

  • present a general eye health seminar over a lunch hour
    hold single- or multi-session workshops for managers and/or staff
  • to teach them to "un-adapt" to their physical environs
  • train individuals within the organization to spot potential problems
  • consult with specific individuals in your company to treat existing eye problems or adjust the physical layout of an office.

Not every fix involves extensive changes. As with most other kinds of education, simply making you aware of an issue goes a long way to solving potential problems or raising existing salient issues. In any case, working comfortably is the aim here.

Take a moment to think about how Dr. Loewenstein can make your workplace Tylenol supply last much longer and keep your cubists happier. If you don't educate them, who will?