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Howze your eyesight? No, really, how is your vision? And the kids’? Here’s why we ask.

Some of us have such gradual changes to our eyes that we don’t realize we are compensating. We pass the license eye test. And we blame reading problems on fatigue and bad light. Is your arm getting too short to see your novel? Can you read that sign on the overpass?

Kids typically think that every kid sees blurry letters in their reading books. It’s nothing special. Besides, they pass the eye chart screen in the nurse’s office. Nothing hurts. They don’t know if there’s something wrong. How will you know if your child is having reading problems or difficulty with math at home or at school?

Consider these questions:

  • Do you know the difference between an eye exam and an eye screening?
  • Do you know a really smart kid whose eyes have been tested, but still has reading or learning problems?
  • Are you “confined” to a computer screen all day?
  • Are your eyes ready for the stress of “near” work?
  • Are you a teacher, performer, fine equipment operator having trouble calibrating the space around you?
  • Do you know there are advanced therapies for eye problems, such as lazy eye?

Dr. Ernest Loewenstein has spent his professional life in the research and treatment of eyes and optics. He is a professor at New England College of Optometry and a practicing clinical and developmental optometrist.

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